Veliko Tarnovo

Veliko Tarnovo is situated in the center of North Bulgaria 230 km. east of the capital Sofia and 230 km. from the town of Varna.

Cultural, spiritual and scientific center – it is one of the most important towns in the region of Veliko Tarnovo, due to its thousand years old history and culture. It was the capital of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom in the XII – XIV centuries. Today it is visited by thousands of tourists from Bulgaria and abroad, attracted by its picturesque disposition – the amphitheatrically perched houses on the rocks above the Yantra river, decorated by the surrounding hills Tsarevets, Trapetisitsa and Sveta gora.

Many sight are places for cultural tourism – Samovodska charshia – the craftsman street, the street “Gurko”, the House of the saraf (Turkish for “changer”), the House with monkey – an example of the architecture from the period of the Revival.

The impressive audio-visual show “Light and Sound” on the hill of Tsarevets is unique in the country.

Veliko Tarnovo is famous as a university center, too - the University of Veliko Tarnovo “St. St. Cyril and Methodius” and the national military university are situated here.

In the city and its surroundings are built orientation gangs and dozens of maps are made, where competitions are held annually from the state sports calendar.